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What’s Your Why?

Choosing the theme for a Toastmaster’s meeting is critical because it provides the centrepiece idea from which the meeting speakers focus on.

This week’s meeting chose the theme ‘What’s Your Why’ – first coined by visionary Simon Sinek.  Speaker one, Alex, spoke about his experience of mentoring and he had experienced mentoring as a mentor and a mentee.  He talked about how his mentors had helped him o the path to achieving his ‘why’.

Speaker two, Adeline, then delivered a speech entitled ‘What’s your why’ where he talked about the importance of having a ‘why’ and gave us some tip on how to find our own.

After a short break we were joined by visiting Toastmaster Stuart, who took the role of Table Topics Master, offering up some challenging but inspiring topics.  

The evening was rounded off with General Evaluation by another visiting Toastmaster Paul, who evaluated everything that takes place during the club meeting that hasn’t already been evaluated!

Our next meeting is a podcasting workshop on 3 March, followed by a usual meeting on 17 March.  To register click here.

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