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“Aspire to Acquire what you Desire”.

President Fran writes….

 “Last Saturday we had our Area International Speech contest…I was a ballot counter and therefore I got to hear all the speeches and evaluations and also the Mystery speaker! Chris Aniche was an awesome speaker with his story of overcoming huge complications, and how he is now a massive achiever! Congratulations To Chris. I was so impressed that I bought his book and have yet to read it! That is one of the reasons people join Toastmasters to become a Speaker and learn Leadership Skills… and Chris has done all that and more! He concluded his speech with a fabulous and inspiring quote: “Aspire to Acquire what you Desire”.

We were delighted that Clever Communicators member, Tom Thompson, had got through to the Area contest for both the evaluation and the speaking parts of the competition.  He delivered two excellent speeches but sadly was pipped to the post by a speaker from another club.”.


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