Tandridge Toastmasters Club

Communicate with Confidence.

Do you have to answer questions in an upcoming job interview? Give an important presentation? Make a toast at your sister’s wedding? You can get through these (and so many more speaking scenarios) with average success—or you can shine through extraordinary achievement.

Speechcraft will help you become the best communicator you can be.

As the Speechcraft name implies, it was created to help people turn their speaking skills into a craft—to help them advance their professional and personal communication through a condensed version of the Toastmasters member experience.

Speechcrafters are often motivated by upcoming events such as:


A Job Interview

Get the skills to smoothly answer spontaneous questions and present a polished image.


An Important Presentation

Deliver an important presentation with clear vision and memorable takeaways.


A Wedding Toast

Speechcraft can help you lose the jitters, look at your loved ones, and speak from the heart.


A Work Promotion

Develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

You can achieve each of these personal and professional goals and more through the globally recognised Toastmasters International Speechcraft program.

About course

The six-week Speechcraft program

Each participant receives a professionally published Toastmaster International Speechcrafter Manual plus a range of learning materials. Throughout the course participants prepare and present speeches, and receive a constructive speech evaluation, enabling them to build on their confidence and abilities week by week. Speeches are designed with the novice in mind – you do not need any experience!

The six-week Speechcraft program is designed to develop your public speaking ability and so much more, through a wide range of communication and learning experiences. You will gain confidence in all aspects of communication, including written and impromptu speeches, audio-visual aids, body language, active listening and critical evaluation..

Upcoming Speechcraft Course

The Speechcraft course is held over 6 consecutive weeks. It is run by an experienced team of local Toastmasters and limited to 15 participants. Our next course starts at 7.15pm on Monday 12 July and will run for the following 5 Mondays – online. 

The cost is £99, payable on receipt of booking form. This covers the cost of the course AND a 12-month membership to Clever Communicators Toastmasters Club.  At the end of the course you will receive a signed Certificate of Completion.


What previous Speechcrafters have said:

“Speechcraft is simply the best - easy to understand and easy to learn highly recommended for everyone.


“Public speaking was a nightmare for me but thanks to Speechcraft I feel more confident when I need to speak up in public.”


"I really enjoyed the course. It was a great learning experience in a very supportive environment"


"I have tried many other courses but this one was amazing. I have improved my your communication skills hugely."